Instructor Program

We’re looking for fierce fitness instructors & trainers to join our JA’MOIRE Train program. Our JA’MOIRE Trainers crush it at the studio and have an active and engaged social network – both online and offline. Do you have what it takes to join the JA’MOIRE Train program?

The instructor program is an opportunity for everyone to get involved.

  • 40% off all regular-priced items
  • Opportunity to be promoted on ja’ or JA’MOIRE’s social media
  • Special birthday discount
  • Other exclusive limited time offers

Don’t be afraid to set goals and share your wisdom.

  • Wear JA’MOIRE frequently during events, classes, and training sessions
  • Take pictures of yourself & your classes/clients in JA’MOIRE clothing and post on your website
  • Interact with JA’MOIRE social media by sharing, commenting and liking
  • Write & post a review for every product you purchase or receive within one month of receipt

For more inquiries, please contact us at